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  Show Your Store - or Your House
  on /d/2515   by baker7   3440

  RoyalTea Music Player
  on /d/2514   by baker7   3440

  Do you believe it? Apple is expected to announce a bigger iPhone the 6 and maybe an iWatch
  on /d/2513   by rollo23   3440

  Richy Gervais is right: those who put nude pics of themselves on computer are either trying to be stupid or just can*t help it
  on /d/2512   by rackem   3440

  Did Michael Brown fall victim to a long-lasting hostility between his demographic and the police?
  on /d/2511   by rackem   3440

  It*s the Clothes You Wear in the Air
  on /d/2510   by wanda3   3440

  Eliminate Low Blood Pressure
  on /d/2509   by rollo23   3440

  What Do You Think of This?
  on /d/2508   by rollo23   3440

  What is Goin* On?
  on /d/2507   by rollo23   3440

  When I Think of You
  on /d/2506   by rollo23   3440

  In the Orchard
  on /d/2505   by rollo23   3440

  Old Time River
  on /d/2504   by rollo23   3440

  Down at the Farmhouse
  on /d/2503   by rollo23   3440

  Fish Tails
  on /d/2502   by rollo23   3440

  When I Dream
  on /d/2501   by rollo23   3440

  Song of You
  on /d/2500   by rollo23   3440

  on /d/2499   by rollo23   3440

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When is Buying 1 Percent of a Site for $5 Million a Super Deal ?

On the Facebook model, a site that can attract a lot of users - like Facebook, said to be approaching a billion users - could be valued at $100 billion. A one percent share of that is worth 1/100th of $100 Billion or $1 billion (that*s the math, right?). So if you can buy 1% of a site that could get to that level (just by adding a few bells and whistles) for $5 million (or 100% for 100 times that, $500 million, i.e., 1/2 billion) - then by just adding those bells and whistles to attract those users and make your site approach a value of $100 billion after you just invested $5 million for 1% (or $500 million, 1/2 a billion, for 100%) would mean you would make 200 times your money as its value approached $100 billion - is that right? Is there any error in that math?

So where could you find such a buy at such a cheap price? (You got it.)

See 1501 or try See /d/go/?p=1501

Who Ruined Our Economy - Republicans or Democrats ?

Since WW II Repubs made strong recoveries * Now z Democrats say they don*t * It was Dem govt misdirecting banks ruined z economy, not Republicans.   The Republicans had no idea of - certainly never authorized - all the rotten deception and chicanery the liberal New York banksters were up to.   It was the Democrats who mis-directed their pals in the big New Yor Fraudster Banks - the Banksters - who ruined the economy .. not the Repubicans, not even Greenspan.   Even Alan Greenspan had no idea what the New York Trickster Banks were up to as they set our economy up for the fall.   If we want a strong economoic recovery, we need to get back to the sound Republican economics that enabled this country to end slavery and brought great recoveries ever since World War II.   But if you want a reminder of what we in for more of were we to make the disastrous mistake of re-electing oBama - in spite of his record of complete failure (only the fundamental underpinnings of the U.S. economy have brought us any recovery at all, and that in spite of oBama, not because of him - you could check out Why oBama Has Failed.   Be very afraid if you let the Democrats sell you on obama uber alles.

Money in Motion for the weekend of May 4-6 interviews Senator, Presidential Candidate, and Consistent Colonial American Economic Principles Advocate Ron Paul on the Value and Role of Gold and Silver Since the Civil War, the U.S. Dollar, our oBama*nation Economy and more

Ron Paul on Why Jobs Are So Weak in Our oBama*nation Economy for Money in Motion .. May 4-7, 2012

Great tweets O z Truth on oBama * See also BS oBama * oBama says the US is OK but he has badly cut drilling on federal lands driving up prices at the pump, stil has not stopped pitching the unrealistic idea of running your cars on sunlight and algae and gambling our billions of tax dollars on payback donations favoring the businesses of his supporters, spending us into the poorhouse, trying to get away with telling farm families not to let their kids learn farming by doing it on the family farm, a union payback (though he was forced off the policy for now).   BS oBama also set up the massive 0ver-Waste of oBamaScare, a waste of 2-3 years which the Supreme Court is now hopefully about to kill, exposing oBama's vast attempt at unconstitutional seizure of massive federal power.   His administration just tried to force all Americans into unions (the new slavery, now to union bosses of which oBama wants to be chief), spending us into the poorhouse (did I say that? IT CANNOT BE TWEETED ENOUGH ! ).   He is gutting our military exposing us to new terrorist threats, has corrupted his administration with prostitutional junkets distracting our Secret Service, etc, etc, etc.   What of all this did Hitler not do in Germany, or Mao in China ?   Such disasters at the hands of "Cool Guy" BS oBama cannot be tweeted enough.   Do you think political disasters happen with lots of warning and all at once ?   No!   They take time to develop, beginning with those sorts of things - and don't forget the Occupy Fiasco (Break Things Up with Lots of Disorder for oBama to campaign on) run by oBama supporters!

Nice Article What to Do for a Job as a Computer Science Major

The Police Told George Zimmerman ONLY "We Don*t Need You to (do that)" for a REASON: because they knew they had no right to order Zimmerman to do anything, and Zimmerman had no obligation (as a free citizen) to obey any warrant-less order

Headlines of Monday April 16, 2012

It*s Tax Day for 2012: last day to file 2011 Taxes.   Have you
filed (at least your Automatic Extension) ?

Headlines of Sunday April 15, 2012

Images of China*s New Stealth Fighter

4 Signs of on On-Coming Heart Attack

Kim Kardashian Bikini Moments

Dead for 5 minutes.   Then paramedics revived him ..
and put him into a coma for his health

If oBama sees a new job, he*s a rooster taking credit for the sunrise.   But he taxes money away from would-be-employers and gives our billions to soon-to-be-bankrupt Solyndra*s, which, in addition to oBamaScare, is why there are no jobs.   How much more time do you want to give the oBamaS to create Ghetto America ?

Headlines of Saturday April 14, 2012

oBama administration functions like 3rd world government
No morals, completely corrupt, exposing themselves to blackmail,
letting people through who shouldn't get through
(what quality of performance?)
... Spreading ...

As reported in USAToday and on Splash, Selena Gomez and
Vanessa Hudgens in partyville ...

Average cost of bankruptcy since "reform" up from $921 in 2005 to $1477 in 2007 ... And today?

You can trust TSA agents with your life - right?
Wrong: Not even your iPad

Staying abreast of hacker crime: getting it off his girlfriend's chest

Profiled and hunted down: tracking the vicious in Baltimore
More Videos at page 1472

Did China bar China's citizen's internet, or was the Great Wall subjected to Super-Hacking: Great Wall Hacked by Tongs of Krypton-Hacker?

Making "nice" to North Korea fails to pay off for oBama: Duh (Yeah - They're Reasonable .. Sure: Like, If You Had Millions of People Starving and in Gulag Death Camps, Wouldn't You Be?)

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